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Managed IT Services

Pro-active support & maintenance


Information Technology (IT) forms an integral part of most of the businesses in today's world. It has become a dependable business function that needs to be kept up and running to ensure proper functioning of various areas of the organization. Technolgy evolves at a faster pace than most other conventional operational methods and so needs to be updated and maintained proactively for an assured uptime.

zb-bpaComputer networks are often complex and sometimes convoluted. Almost always, the data stored on them and the functions they perform are critical to the successful operation of the business. But many businesses have fallen into the habit of using a model of fixing the computers when they are broken rather than maintaining them at an optimum level for the operation of the business and productivity of the operator.

This model actually penalises the operator and rewards the service provider. There is no real motivation for the “break/fix” repairer to do any more than repair the broken bit – no motivation to ensure that the system is performing at its best and most reliable.

Our managed IT services include the following services (Pay-As-You-Go model)

  • Monitoring of servers and workstations: Rs.10,000 / mo
  • Reporting of issues and alerts: : Rs.2,000 / mo
  • Maintaining asset register for various devices: : Rs.1,500 / mo
  • Monthly site review and audit of services: Rs.5,000 / mo
  • Providing telephonic support: Rs.15,000 / mo
  • Add / delete / change user access levels: Rs.2,000 / mo
  • Applying system security updates: Rs.4,000 / mo
  • Restoration of data files from backup: Rs.7,500 / mo
  • Reloading software applications with recovery option: Rs.3,000 / mo
  • Identifying warranty issues and reporting to authorized officer: Rs.2,500 / mo
  • Installation and commissioning of new services and computers: Rs.6,000 / mo
  • Re-installation of workstations after failure: Rs.4,000 / mo
  • Rebuilding server and restore backup after failure: Rs.7,000 / mo


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